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Hide and Seek is a short film created by Eden Films (2019) in association with the Cumbria County Council and Dementia Friendly. I was brought in after filming had concluded, with the responsibility designing and editing the films soundtrack from both the source material recorded on set and adding my own recordings where needed. The soundtrack and music were mixed together and mastered to comply with BBC loudness standards.

I was working directly with the film maker and director Peadar Sweeney who has over 30 years experience in the film industry, this was an amazing opportunity and I learnt a lot. I started by piecing together all the dialogue and matching it up to the scenes, this created a consistent basis for me to build the soundtrack from. I then used what I could from the source material to identify what I need to design within the tight deadline.


Team Size: 22

My Role: Sound Designer

Released: Yes

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