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This was an assignment as part of my BSc degree where I had to develop a patch within Max 7. I was fascinated by the ability to generate random numbers and attempted to use this to create music. This patch generates random numbers which are then assigned to midi notes, what makes this patch interesting is the human restriction I put in place. No matter what number is generated, it will only play piano notes in the key of C Major.

The piano will always generate a human voicing by having an octave in the left hand and either a minor 3rd or major 3rd in the right all from 1 random number. There are instances where a note will not generate and will result in a rest, this helps create a rhythm. There is a glockenspiel which will generate a chromatic octave ad a stick interval range as to not over power the piano. The introduction of an audible drone in C helps create a fuller piece of music.

The interesting thing about this project is how your brains ability to hear patterns is thrown off by randomisation, your brain may think you heard a pattern but you have not.


The visual element was an attempt to turn the audio data into visual data and reference the Rorschach inkblot tests, however it wasn’t as seamless as I had hoped it was an interesting addition.


Team Size: 1

My Role: Programmer

Released: No

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